Monday, February 23, 2015

Teachers are HEROES

Hey friends!! Have you heard TpT is having a SALE!!! I have linked up with some of my sweet blogging friends to share what I will have in my cart the day of the sale! Don't forget to visit my friend's pages at the bottom of this post to see what goodies they will have in their shopping carts too!

I've picked out some really awesome products from some of my favorite sellers! I plan to use these products over the next few weeks when we cover these topics.

My kids need lots of division practice and these task cards look great! They are from the ever so talented Ashleigh from Ashleigh's Education Journey!
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE everything from The Primary Gal! She produces lots of great products and I have no doubt this won't disappoint!!
This is another great resource from Ashleigh's Education Journey! I can't wait to use this with my kids because they need practice with this.
My students LOVE task cards. These grammar task cards look like so much fun so I know my kids will like them! They are from my bloggy buddy Cassie from Mrs. Thomas's Class.
We just started learning about perimeter and area. I am so excited about this product! My bloggy friend Debbie from 3rd Grade Pad is so talented. These will be a great resource to add to my math supplies.
I am never disappointed when my fellow Ohioian, Jess from The Teacher Talk, creates a product! I am so excited she teaches 3rd grade now because I am always purchasing something from her to use in my classroom. These reading response flips look like fun so I can't wait to purchase these!
I love that these task cards show real life pictures. Students struggle with that and these would be a great resource to add to my fraction goodies! Thank you Evil Math Wizard for making such a nice product!
I love the twist on these testing treat tags! They are from my sweet friend Tami from O-H So Blessed! They are a nice healthy alternative to use during testing (and we have a lot of that going on right now in 3rd grade) :-(
I LOVE Dr. Seuss and this author study looks like so much fun!!!!! It is from Create-Abilities!
I do not have my resources for fractions so I am excited to purchase this resource from Leigh at The Applicious Teacher. Her products are always engaging and top notch. Take a look by clicking on the picture below!

(Loved this picture so I borrowed it from The Applicious Teacher.)

THANK YOU for all that you do! I appreciate each and every one of you! We do not always hear how appreciated we are so I want you to know that I appreciate you! To celebrate you I am participating in the TpT Sale--that means my entire store will be up to 30% off!! You can check it out HERE! 

Have a blessed week and Happy Shopping!! :-)