Monday, September 7, 2015

Laborless Bloghop and Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

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It is Finally here!

Today I am linking with Laura from Where the Magic Happens, Krista from Teaching Momster, and Lisa from PAWsitively Teaching! I have joined forces once again with my bloggy friends to bring you the best, most amazing giveaway on this Labor Day weekend!
All of us have been thinking about  good ways in which to treat our readers and followers.   We thought hard, and I mean it! Really, really hard… and decided that  we can treat you to our best ideas to work smarter rather than harder… at school and home!
I know what it takes to be a great teacher, the stress, the time, the energy… I could go on and on! I also know that we crave time to ourselves and our families.

So here I go!

How many of you struggle with how your kids turn in homework? For the past 8 years of my teaching career I have NOT found a system that works for me... UNTIL NOW! My favorite classroom tool to use is close pins! They are so versatile, I use them for everything!

My kids all have their own number so last year they used a close pin to clip their homework and put it in a basket by my desk. Well the only issue with this system was, it took them FOREVER to turn in their homework because they had to get their close pin off a hanger from the front of my room and that took too much time with 28 kids.

This year I decided to use the same system but  tweak it a bit... I bought mini crates for each of my kiddo's locker for all of their extra school supplies. So as I was sitting there grading papers after school one day last week, I had this brilliant idea to put their close pin on the mini crate. As the students unpack, they can grab their pin and turn in their homework in seconds instead of m.i.n.u.t.e.s.
After a long day at school, I love to come home and snuggle with these guys. Whether it's a good day or bad, their love is unconditional. I also love to craft and make things for my classroom. This year I made a fence for above my lockers. It came together BEAUTIFULLY!!! More to come about my fence later! :-) {don't mind the messy bedroom!}

I LOVE to reward my kiddos for their hard work so I made this homework club to reward them each month if they complete all their homework! The chart is displayed on the front of my desk this year and I have all of my coupons cut out and stored in a small coupon organizer I bought at Target's dollar spot last year.

If you have trouble with homework like I do this may be a tool to help you out! I started a monthly homework club. Each month all of my students start out in the club. If they do not complete an assignment during the month then they are out of the club. If they complete their homework for the month and are left in the club, they get a homework pass to use on a homework assignment of their choice.

I have included the following items in this pack:
Parent Letter
Homework Club Poster Printable
Student Numbers
Homework passes for each month (September-May)
1 color copy to fill in the month of your choosing
1 printer friendly copy of homework pass

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