Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Looking for some Inspiration? Look no More!

I am so excited to be linking up with my two very sweet bloggy friends from Inspired Owl's Corner and PAWSitively Teaching for their Pinterest Pick 3 Linky! Who doesn't love Pinterest? Quite frankly, I am OBSESSED with it! I don't "Google" anything anymore, I "Pinterest-it" then PIN-IT! My best friend first introduced this wonderful site to me 4 years ago and I am so glad she did. I use it for my classroom and home on a daily basis. When it comes to the bigger projects I ask for assistance from my not-so-handy-still-learning-husband. Love you babe ;-) He gets tired of me asking him "Hey, can we go to Lowes? I want to make this thing I saw on Pinterest." or saying "This is easy. You can make this! It won't take long." {and then it really takes longer than it was supposed to.} He fusses a bit but then I, we, he gets it done! I do help--I help supervise and boss guide him so he doesn't make any mistakes. :-) I'm such a nice wife aren't I?

Anyways, back to my *3* great Pinterest finds that I want to share with you and that I will be using in the classroom this month! I will do my hardest to post about them when I incorporate them in my class. We all know December is a busy month so if I don't blog about them till later, please forgive me. All of the pins I am going to share with you can be found on my Christmas Board, which you can follow HERE. Many teacher friends have linked up so please visit their blogs and read about their 3 picks for December. I hope you find some inspiration that you can use or incorporate during this busy, joyful, holiday season.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these ornaments! I came across this pin last Christmas and was so excited because I LOVE owls--but you didn't know that already--and each year I make cinnamon ornaments with my kids so this was perfect!!! If you click the picture above or HERE it will take you to the site to learn how to make these cuties! I had my students make these for their parent gifts for Christmas. Each student made 2 ornaments and then wrapped them up to take home. I had some difficulty with the dough, not sure why, so I had to make some changes to some of the ornaments because they were falling apart and did NOT look like owls.

Instead of folding the wings over like the site suggested, I left my owl in the shape of a circle {I used an empty Bath and Body Works 3-wick candle jar to shape all my ornaments}. I then used various plastic containers, a marker cap, and paper clip to add the details. Lastly, I used a straw to make the hole for my hook or twine. I then let my ornaments dry on a rack for 24 hours. 

Below is one of the few ornaments that turned out.

This little Rudolph gift idea is adorable!! And perfect for co-workers and teacher friends. I am going to be making these for my sweet teacher friends. If you click the picture to the left or HERE it will take you to the website to download the FREE printable to make your own Rudolph Christmas Gift!!!

The last pin I want to share has to do with everyone's favorite green Christmas Scrooge-- The Grinch! I know due to copyright laws many things can't be made with this special character but these tags and cookies are too cute--and super easy to make!!! The week before Christmas break is my FAVORITE time of the year. Instead of having a Christmas party on the last day, I do a special theme each day planning educational activities and lessons to go with each theme. I will blog more about my Christmas celebrations next week!! I save the Grinch Party for the last day because it is the most fun! I plan lot of educational activities to go with the book and the movies. Then we enjoy Grinch Crinkled Cookies and Grinch Punch. Below is a few pictures from my classroom's Grinch Party!

I hope you have found some inspiration to use with your own classroom. Don't forget to visit my sweet friends and see what other wonderful Pins they have to share with you!
Happy Holidays my sweet followers!


  1. Love your ideas! I had trouble with that cinnamon dough too, so I had to use a different recipe. They are adorable though!

  2. Your owl ornaments are adorable!!!!! I actually think the circle owl ornaments came out perfectly fine. I made ornaments a few years back and remember how great my classroom smelled thanks to the cinnamon. I love the EOS gift idea you shared. My daughter is addicted to them and I think this would be a perfect stocking stuffer for her.
    Thanks for sharing. I LOVED all 3 of your ideas!
    :0) Melissa
    More Time 2 Teach

  3. Such a cute Rudolph Christmas gift idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those are all so cool! I love the ornaments. Do they make the house smell good, too? I might have to do that with my four-year-old.

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