Sunday, November 23, 2014

Black Friday Wishlist!

I've been making my {wish}LIST and checking it twice... I am so excited to link up with the Primary Pack for their BLACK FRIDAY linky and giveaway! I have put together MY wishlist items that I may purchase on Black Friday! You can click on the pictures to learn more info about each product on my wishlist.
My kiddos really struggle with phonics, reading, and writing this year so I did some searching and stumbled upon these products from A Year of Many Firsts. They look WONDERFUL! I also love this grammar bundle from Chalk One Up for the Teacher. Click on each picture below to read more about them!
Next, I put together the TOP 5 Wishlisted products from MY STORE that should be on your Black Friday Wishlist ;-) Click on the images below to read more about them. While you're there, check out my FREEBIES and Holiday Goodies too!
I have been busy, busy with work and other things but I am working on this game for my class to do the last week of school before Christmas break! I hope to have it done before Black Friday so keep your eyes open! Happy Shopping Friends and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

COMING SOON... Christmas Trivia Scoot

Don't forget to enter The Primary Pack's Giveaway HERE!
The Primary Pack

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